Staff Council releases survey results

In its recently completed survey of 3,600 Mississippi State employees, Staff Council found that an overwhelming number say they're proud to be part of the MSU community.

Completed by 1,240 staff members, a 35 percent response rate, the survey reveals that 9 of 10 respondents express pride in their affiliation with the university, said Amanda Bell, Staff Council chair.

"As in our earlier 2011 survey, this was again the highest ranking item," said Bell. "More than 90 percent also said they would recommend Mississippi State as a place of employment."

Among other positive employee perceptions of the university were satisfaction with the ability to communicate and stay informed while at work, with respondents citing both their ability to check the MSU website at work and knowledge of where to find information about campus events.

Overall, the 2012 survey, when compared with 2011, showed improvement in 26 of 44 survey items. Another 18 items were statistically unchanged, Bell said. "We saw the most significant improvements in perceptions of fairness of pay when compared to jobs outside the university, being well informed about changes in policies and procedures, and understanding top institutional priorities."

Among areas of concern reflected in the survey were internal pay equity, parking, and opportunities for advancement.

The complete survey can be found at

Staff Council, composed of 26 representatives, advises the president on issues affecting all staff members. The annual survey provides objective data to suggest areas for improvement, said Bell. Based on earlier surveys, Staff Council worked last year to improve the staff compensation and classification plan, and supports a Human Resource Management effort to better define pay scales in relation to similar MSU positions, comparable universities, and the surrounding community.

"Our goal is that this will be the first step that eventually leads to more clearly defined career paths," said Bell. "We'd like to see motivated and deserving staff have opportunities to advance within their existing titles instead of transferring to a different department or to a job outside the university."

This year, Staff Council also launched a strategic planning process that resulted in improvements to the group's bylaws, committee structures, and representation census process; creation of an operations manual; and improvements both to the Staff Council website and its communication systems.

"We're committed to effectively serving all university staff and creating the greatest value for their dedication and service," Bell concluded.

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