Recycling change: No more glass in bins, please

Mississippi State's single-stream recycling program has now been in place for more than a year. The program has fundamentally changed the way the university collects recyclables and trash on campus. Officials continue to monitor the process in an effort to identify efficiencies that could further reduce the amount of waste destined for the local landfill.

In addition to monitoring the current system, a change related to the contractor and its ability to collect material has taken place.

The single-stream program was developed around the capabilities of the contractor that was awarded the contract. Blubox was the selected contractor because of its ability to collect and sort all cardboards, papers, plastics, metals and glass.

During the course of the last year, Blubox was purchased by Mississippi Industrial Waste Management (MIWD) and just a few months ago, MIWD was purchased by Waste Pro.

Waste Pro is now the recycling and waste contractor for Mississippi State, and the only change resulting from this change is that Waste Pro does not collect glass. Therefore, the university can no longer collect that material as part of the recycling stream.

The materials now collected as part of the single-stream recycling program are:

--All paper

--All plastic


--Metals and aluminum

Your efforts and support of this program are appreciated. If you have specific questions, please e-mail Jeremiah Dumas at

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