DAFVM Spotlight Employee: Allen Shack

Allen Shack

Research Associate III becomes more than just a title for Allen Shack when all his hard work pays off with good, publishable results.

Shack’s duties are divided into four main areas for a lab in the CVM Basic Sciences department: lab maintenance, lab safety, lab work and management. In the lab maintenance area, Shack is responsible for managing online databases for inventory purchase request orders and data files; ordering equipment and consumables for the lab and other documents and technical service for equipment.

Shack is also responsible for proper adherence to all lab safety guidelines when individuals are in the lab, including maintenance of biohazard and hazardous waste disposal containers. Shack participates in various proteomics and genomics projects in the lab. He also provides instruction for using equipment, establishing proper operating rules and procedures, and assisting workers with fundamental laboratory practices, which all fall under his management responsibilities.

Shack said attending graduate school helped his career.

“I was a graduate school student in the Department of Biological Sciences at Mississippi State University from 1999 to 2001,” he said. “I applied for the position of research associate at the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine. I was hired to my current position in March 2002. My lab experience from graduate school has really prepared me for this position.”

Shack said this job requires a lot of attention to detail, but the results make the process all worth it.

“To do my job, good hand-eye coordination is required. Also, good pipetting skills are necessary,” he said. “Patience and determination are good qualities to have as well.”

In his spare time, Shack enjoys collecting songs for his iTunes music library and playing computer games.

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