DAFVM Spotlight Employee: Claudia Hohn


Claudia Hohn

Claudia Hohn’s research can get slippery, so every day when she goes to the College of Veterinary Medicine at Mississippi State, she tries to think of unique approaches to her work.

“Fish are a challenging research model, and you have to be very creative and think outside the box,” Hohn said. “I get to work with multiple species. Some of them are endangered, such as the Atlantic sturgeon.”

From the time she was a graduate student in Dr. Lora Petrie-Hanson’s lab, Hohn has studied fish.

“We established the College of Veterinary Medicine’s zebrafish facility at the CVM Fish Hatchery, where we now breed several strains of zebrafish as a model organism for research,” Hohn said.

Hohn and her colleagues are studying cellular memory in fish immune systems. They also investigate the impact of the April 20, 2010, Macondo oil spill on the immune response of fish.

One of the highlights of her job is getting manuscripts accepted for publication.

“So much hard work and dedication goes into the preparation, I feel great when a manuscript is accepted,” she said. “I like that my name is on a paper that shows some new and exciting findings.”

Hohn enjoys exercising, cooking healthy food and having friends over for dinner. Until the birth of her son Eko last year, she taught spinning and yoga at the Sanderson Center.

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